Integration technical support


Thank you for being an idOS integrator! Our team would love to know how we can help you.

As an open-source project, we strive for clear and complete public documentation. If our docs don’t address your issue, we’ll make sure to update them such that they do — this will greatly help the next time someone’s on your shoes.

The same rationale applies to our strong preference for public issue reports. DMs and other private synchronous communications are to be avoided, for public benefit.


Step 1 review our docs

First, please make sure your question isn’t addressed anywhere in our documentation:

  1. Main idOS docs (overview and inner workings of the idOS)

  2. SDK docs (integration instructions and examples)

Step 2 check previous issues

If our documentation doesn’t address your question, please check if any issue in does. You can see all issues here:

See the GitHub search docs for more information on searching through issues.

Step 3 create a new issue

If neither our docs nor previous issues address your question, please create a new issue on the repository. This will help others find answers when it’s their turn to need support.

If our team believes that resolving your issue would benefit from synchronous communication, we’ll ask you to send us an email to with a link to your created issue and the email address(es) we should use to invite you to a new Slack channel we create for you.

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