Progressive decentralization

We see decentralization as an ethos and an ongoing journey, rather than a binary state. The building partners are committed to progressively decentralize the idOS as much as possible, while making sure we don't rush important decisions that could hurt its success.
The idOS is deployed across multiple blockchain ecosystems, and adopts the highest standards of security, encryption and privacy to enable users to manage their own data, while ensuring all key functionalities are available and the network can scale. Hence, we have structured the idOS deployment in 5 phases, where we aim to add additional functionalities while we further decentralize the technology and organization.
The following table shows mode details on the idOS' path towards progressive decentralization:
Note: While the idOS doesn't store any data centrally, identity verification providers may store certain data privately (e.g. to avoid duplicates or for specific compliance reasons). Please check with each identity verification provider what information they are storing. Mor details can be found here.