Product roadmap

Our product roadmap is where you can learn about which features we are working on and when we expect to bring them live. It's divided into phases and It covers both near-term and future plans. Please keep in mind that our plan will evolve over time, based on new information becoming available.

Q3 2024 - idOS Product v1

How do we get started? The first version of our product will allow users to create Verified Credentials and attributes, store them in a decentralized database and grant access to dApps through a the User Data Dashboard. dApp developers will be able to build on top of the idOS a simple flow that allows users manage their decentralized identity across web3.

idOS foundations 🔒

Integration experience ️️️🛠️

Q4 2024 - Growing with our ecosystem partners

We will focus on growing within the Consortium partners' dApps, improving features and building specific use cases at a chain level.

Live deployments ️️️🛠️

2025 - Further decentralization and network launch

What happens afterwards? In 2025, we expect to progressively decentralize the network, constantly work on security and privacy, integrate more idOS Consortium partners and create a great experience both for users and for developers. While we do have a lot of ideas on how to improve the idOS, we believe the best features will be defined by being on the market and collaborating closely with partners, developers and users.

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